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Welcome to New Country.

Posted by The Wolf Radio: Planet Country Radio Show on May 15, 2014 at 12:40 AM

Welcome to New Country.


Forget everything you thought about country music. Times have changed and so has country.

Modern country music can be considered so far from the traditional notion of a rural lifestyle that the line between musical genres gets blurred, leaving listeners to consider the style and substance beyond simplistic stereotypes.


The reality is that country is listened to by farmers in the bush and bank managers in the city. It isn’t simply a case of the city dwellers longing for the rural pace either. The music conveys more than a message about billabongs and dirt roads. Rather, it’s real emotions and real issues affecting everyone that forms the basis for many songs.


Country is about escapism. Whether you need to be lifted up because you have faced adversity or whether you are mending a broken heart - yes, the cliché about country music and break-up songs might be real, but so what? It works for Taylor Swift - and haven’t we all been there? But for every song about a girl, there are others about trucks, drinks, tattoos and partying. It’s a rich tapestry!


For a city dweller, enjoying country music is about a state of mind. The misconception is that everyone stuck in the city must be yearning to leave for a better life in the bush. The reality is that anyone (regardless of their location) can identify with the themes - and the music isn’t bad either.


Some of the best guitar players in the world belong to the country genre. Some of the loudest drumming can be heard at country concerts. Yes its true there may be banjos, but it’s OK, they’re electric and they rock!


The genre bending is gathering pace. There are many country artists in America who have collaborated with artists from other genres, including rap and pop. The resulting hits have topped the charts in both country and mainstream (all genre) charts, ensuring record companies continue to promote these get-togethers. Australian artists are a bit slow to participate in genre bending, with just a few examples to date but watch this space…


Media plays a part in growing modern country music, and in Australia there are many radio stations playing mixed country music, meaning you might hear a traditional country song alongside a song featuring a rap artist and a country artist. The result is a mismatch of styles and sometimes it leaves the listeners unhappy. Many traditional country fans aren’t so accepting of the new sound - and let’s face it, if we are trying to gain new (read young) listeners to country music, they aren’t going to hang around listening to a radio station that plays John Williamson straight after Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly.


Now there is a radio program dedicated to ‘New Country’ focusing on promoting modern music and genre bending collaborations. The tag line says it all…



Music Like You’ve Never Heard. This is Planet Country.


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