We’re Taking An Extended Break

Written by on 20 June, 2019

Dear Valued listeners, followers, artists and industry personnel;

Unfortunately due to a major medical setback involving a close family member we are unable to commit to a full time return to Planet Country.

We had organised a new timeslot with SWR Triple 9 to pre-record a full show which would be done in one single recording to allow us to continue doing our signature live “behind the scenes” videos where you can watch the entire show from the studio with radio broadcast audio. The pre-recorded radio side of the show would have continued airing in the normal Monday timeslot and the Facebook being live on Friday – You could watch us pre-record the entire show as if it was live.

After a trial run pre-recording the show (our most recent edition), this medical emergency prevented us putting the new plan into full swing.

As a result of this medical setback and on-going recovery, it will be difficult to present a show week in week out on a regular basis. The show will continue on this temporary hiatus until we can both commit the time needed. We thank the amazing team at SWR for working with us ahead of this sudden and unexpected emergency.

Wednesday 5th June was our 5 year anniversary of the show and in 5 years we have missed 10 or less nights – Long time and regular listeners know the dedication we have and we trust you know how hard we were working to get the show running as close to normal following MJ’s move to 93.5 Eagle FM.

We are committed to our mission and will utilise social media/digital content as well as the occasional live video, podcast etc. to entertain and inform you as the full radio show and simultaneous live video have done. The Wolf Australia will continue streaming 24/7 and we will make program/music updates as often as possible.

Thank you for your support,
Big Stu & MJ

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