Country’s Dub-Step Queen?

Written by on 26 July, 2019

She’s known as Australia’s country ‘Rock Chick’ but that moniker might have to change to ‘Dub Step Queen’ following the release of remixed versions of Christie Lamb’s latest single “Hot Hot Kiss”. Joining the rising trend of having a country pop tune re-imagined by a ‘They’re so hot right now’ producer, Lamb entrusted her song to the UK Grammy Nominated team Love To Infinity and what they offered up are 6 different remixed versions of the song. There’s the ‘Dub’, ‘Deep Kiss Dub’, ‘Club Remix’, the regular ‘Remix’, ‘Deep Kiss Extended Remix’ and ‘Deep Kiss Remix’, the later is now in rotation on here on The Wolf Australia.

Non-EDM (Electronic Dance Music) aficionados may not hear the differences between each version but there’s a hard core (it doesn’t seem the appropriate adjective for EDM) sound that would be at home in any music festival (NSW not withstanding), a club sound you can imagine pumping at any nightspot in Ibiza and radio friendly sounds that you can sing along to at the same time as tapping the steering wheel rapidly. Note: It seems more authentic if you drive a hot hatch with a sub-woofer the size of the boot. If you want to go all JDM that’s fine, but don’t discount the Korean hatches which are making inroads.

It’s a no-brainer that Australian artists should look to have remixes of their country pop songs done and there have been songs in recent years seemingly crying out for the ‘club’ touch to be given. Tunes from Rachael Fahim, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Missy Lancaster and Bryce Sainty come to mind, yet as is usually the case with country, Australia lags behind the U.S in musical trends. That having been said, Aussie remix producers are on point, with international star but Melbourne based Ryan Riback putting the dance touch to Nashville artist Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up” (another favourite on The Wolf).

So what is the end game for Christie Lamb’s Hot Hot Remixes? Did her label Universal Music Australia eye this as a toe in the water for local country pop artists? If they are taking the temperature, who are they probing? Aside from The Wolf Australia, it’s hard to see other country radio networks or stations embracing the remixes, given one station recently asked the question on Facebook “Blanco Brown’s ‘The Git Up’ – Is It Country?” (You won’t be stunned to learn it’s in rotation on The Wolf). Perhaps Universal is aiming squarely at mainstream Hit/Top 40 Music radio which has been kind to New Country stars Keith Urban, Morgan Evans, Dan+Shay and Florida Georgia Line (with Bebe Rexha) in recent times.

As an advocate for New Country in Australia for more than 5 years it’s interesting to watch the emergence of cross-over music and the inevitable debate it stirs among traditional country fans and media. As the industry here struggles to understand the changing face (or is that sound) of music, the fans know what they like and are hungry for more. In fact, the more we cross over with music on The Wolf, the more listeners we get.

Back to Hot Hot Kiss, I’m interested to know Christie’s take on the remixes, given she is a gifted multi-instrumentalist I’m sure she appreciates the wizardry behind the process of mixing her song in to the various club versions. The press release doesn’t attribute a quote to Christie which is somewhat unusual for new music pressers and leads me to think the label is behind the idea. None the less, we love the re-imagined sounds of the song and we hope it gets traction among the hip nightclub clique.

Check out the remix EP below, do you have a favourite mix?

Listen to the Hot Hot Kiss (Love To Infinity Remixes) EP

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