They’re Back.

Written by on 4 May, 2020

Big Stu & MJ are bringing Planet Country back for a one off live video special!

Teaming up with Blacklist Productions (2 x Golden Guitar Video of The Year Nominations), Big Stu & MJ will present a facebook live video talk show on the Planet Country facebook page.

Saturday 16th May from 7pm AEST

We’re also excited to announce a live audio simulcast will be on The Wolf too, for those unable to view the video.

The show will feature guests live in the studio, following social distancing rules of course. Guests include Christie Lamb, Katie Jayne, Demage and the man behind Blacklist Productions and an artist in his own right, Jay Seeney. None are strangers to the award winning Planet Country radio show, having been guests on the show numerous times as well as being interviewed at festivals, concerts and awards shows by Big Stu & MJ.

The video will be streamed from The Ranch, a Blacklist Productions filming set where numerous live videos have taken place during the Covid19 social distancing period.

Planet Country: Live At The Ranch

Big Stu & MJ will host with guests joining them throughout the show. Jay Seeney will also feature regularly as both guest and producer.

Big Stu & MJ are no strangers to live video despite presenting a radio program. The duo pioneered what has since become a common theme across the radio industry, presenting their program as both a radio show and a live video show. Uniquely the show was live on facebook simultaneously as radio. When The Wolf and Planet Country’s terrestrial radio syndicates heard music, facebook got exclusive behind the scenes talk between Big Stu, MJ and studio guests. Viewers could even see the moment MJ would flick the switch between radio audio and Planet Country’s secondary facebook only mics. Fans of the show had a choice: video talk show or music radio show.

Screen grab from a Planet Country live video without a guest (when you can see Big Stu!)

This time around, the show will be reversed. Talk show first, radio show second. Hey, we’re happy to be second fiddle if it means we get to welcome back Big Stu & MJ!

“difficult to commit to a full time return […] it really comes down to how well received this special is”

MJ on the possibility of a full time return of Planet Country

When asked about this return being permanent, MJ replied “We’ll see. The logistics of Stu and I being 2 hours away from each other make it difficult to commit to a full time return but with video conferencing and live streaming becoming the norm’ while we wait for Covid19 to pass, it proves that what we were pioneering works. We’ve discussed ideas and concepts during our time off air, so it really comes down to how well received this special return is.”

Jayne Denham (background) during a live video from The Ranch, with Jay Seeney of Balcklist Productions (foreground) producing

Planet Country aired on a number of radio stations from June 2014 to mid-2019. In May, MJ took up a position in commercial radio, hosting the solo breakfast show on 93.5 Eagle FM in Goulburn, NSW. The move was a positive step forward in his career but it put a hinder on Planet Country. Big Stu & MJ had made arrangements to keep the show going after a brief hiatus however a family medical emergency put the show on indefinite hiatus.

With MJ managing heavy commitments at work, the show’s return fell on Big Stu. As the mastermind behind this project, we had to ask what sparked that final push to get back in the game.

“I was watching and commenting on a Jay Seeney live video at The Ranch when Jay bought up Planet Country. I was blown away with just how many viewers and fellow artists talked about how much they missed the show” Big Stu explained. “With the Blacklist Productions setup in full swing during Jay’s live show, I saw an opportunity to team up for a video focused version of our award winning show. With entertainment and artist engagement moving online during Covid19, I knew MJ and I were ready to make a comeback”.

“With entertainment and artist engagement moving online during Covid19, I knew MJ and I were ready to make a comeback”

Big Stu on Planet Country’s return

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