Author: Big Stu

Big Stu is a radio veteran and music super fan. In this monthly blog, Big Stu names 3 of the best New Country tracks you need to hear right now. Like many, Big Stu does a lot of his listening in the car, so every track will be subjected to the wheel tapping test! Cover […]

She’s known as Australia’s country ‘Rock Chick’ but that moniker might have to change to ‘Dub Step Queen’ following the release of remixed versions of Christie Lamb’s latest single “Hot Hot Kiss”. Joining the rising trend of having a country pop tune re-imagined by a ‘They’re so hot right now’ producer, Lamb entrusted her song […]

Featured Image: James Dyring As we headed in to Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Monday night, I had this defiant feeling, like I imagined a Uni student might feel, attending a rally held by a controversial guest speaker. Someone the students admire, but the establishment holds with disdain. There was no question the country music […]

The Alive 90.5 programming committee have unanimously approved the Planet Country radio program.

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